2017 SASA Middle School Science Fair

These Projects will Receive Awards at 5p Ceremony

Ani03 Ahmad Serena The Effect of Abiotic Factors on Daphnia Heartrates Ani
MH09 Ahmed Zara Day at the Beach MH
MH18 Ahmed Areesha Wacky Acne MH
Beh05 Aikoye lylah who is affected by peer pressure more men or woman Beh
PH03 Alam Hamza Amalgam vs Composite PH
Beh09 Ambas Dominique Efficiency of Music Beh
MH13 Amin Samha Is Sunscreen SPF for Real? MH
CH09 Asiala Levi Zombie Power CH
CH19 Bandla Akshanth Phosphorescence CH
Pla01 Bulusu Veena Effective Plant Drainage Layers Pla
Beh07 Collins Mariah The Fonts of the Brain Beh
EN08 Crachiola Joseph Built To Last: The Efect Of Different Building Methods On The Sturrdiness Of Walls EN
Env02 Dey Poulomi Solar vs. Battery Env
CH28 Ehline Anna Emulsifying magic CH
MH14 Flores AJ Mathanxiety MH
PH11 Fosgitt Brendan Drop It Like It's Hot PH
CH01 Gigi Loraine Antacid Neutralization CH
CH06 Grosse Megan What Factors Affect Crystal Growth and Structure? CH
MH06 Grosse Hannah Herbs and Spices Against Bacteria MH
CH08 Howald Gabriel Yeast and sugars CH
MCS01 Islam Areeb Cooling Computers MCS
Env05 Kaur Pahulpreet which natural pesticide kills the most mosquito larvae? Env
PH14 Kazemi Parsa What Material Insulates Sound The Best PH
PH06 Kinnicutt Emily Exposing Film PH
MH20 Kogulan Umaiyal The Effect of Natural vs Artificial Sweeteners on the Growth of Lactobacillus Acidophilus MH
MH29 Kogulan Meenal What Is The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece Cleaner? MH
MH25 Loganathan Bhavadharani Lowering Cholesterol MH
Pla06 Mahajan Armaan How do painkillers affect the growth rate of plants? Pla
CH30 Malewar Tanvi Electrolysis of water CH
Env01 Masley August Light at Night Env
PH08 Maurer Steven Skiing and Friction PH
MH05 McCarthy Katie Acne Medication vs. Bacteria MH
CH12 Parashar Josh Race To Relief CH
MH24 Reddy Shriya DNA Quantification: Effect of the Diet on Lactobacillus acidophilus and Escherichia coli, Human Gut MH
Beh02 Richardson Tejal Book Smart Beh
CH02 Saleh Hillwa The Light of Luminol CH
CH20 Schattenmann Lucas Crystallography: A Study On Crystal Growth CH
EN04 Shepich Nicholas What Angle Degree of Metal Has the Best Edge EN
PH10 Sincissen Benjamin Heads Up! PH
CH11 Wieszczecinski Devlin Wood and wood products: how do they burn? CH
EN02 Wolf James The Science of the Hydraulic Knuckle Press EN
Env07 Zaman Nabil Organic Plastic Env