2019 SASA Middle School Science Fair


Friday February 8th

  3:00-4:30 Set-up

Saturday February 9th

  8:00 am Judges Orientation

  8:30-10:00 am Session I (students and judges only)

  10:00-11:30 am Session II (students and judges only)

  4:30-5:00 pm Public Viewing

  5:00 pm Award Ceremony (Auditorium)

In no particular order the following students will be recognized;

Name Project Title Div
Mahajan, Armaan Assessing Heavy Metal Contaminants in cigarettes vs cigars vs e-cigarettes MH
Ober, Hannah Best Household Disinfectant for Killing Bacteria CH
Laffoon, Xavier Magnets, Momentum, and a Toy Car PH
Johri, Saumya Irradiated Plants Pla
Evans, Braydon Corrosion of Metals CH
Wagner, Addison What Optic Lenses Best Block UV Light? PH
Aouadi, Rayen Aerogel v. Fiberglass PH
Crachiola, Joseph Comparing the Security of Different Encryption Algorithms MCS
Burkhard, Vanessa The Effects of Different Substances on Acheta domesticus Ani
Parashar, Sarah Acid Busters CH
Williams, Ethan Thermochromism Explained: The effects of thermochromic paper on the temperatures of liquids CH
Wang, Evelyn Dancing on Oobleck PH
McNally, Aiden The Effect of Different Music on the Human Heart Beh
Maliskey, Blaise Prepare for Takeoff PH
Barnes, Julia The Strength of Different Types of Truss Bridges PH
Brickner, Drake Conduction Madness PH
Metcalfe, Reece the affects of video games on puzzle solving skills Beh
Miller, Jett Dispersion of Oil from a Broken Pipeline Env
Kato, Emma To Absorb Or Not To Absorb? Env
Anton, Cailan Water you think about this Env
Solanki, Risha Photography PH
Ahmedfiqi, Yara Heat VS Dye CH
Debrah, Anjali Predicting the Effect of Food on Blood Sugar MH
Koneru, Aishani Angioplasty and the Effects of Home Remedies MH
Wagner , Olivia Which soda has the worst affect on braces wire CH
Pak, Solji Cleaning Oil Spills CH
Wagner, Andrew Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor to Help Diminish the Amount of Drownings EN
Li, Nathan Effect by Black Hole ES
Baldwin, Lionel Material Density and Sound Transmission PH
Mamillapalli, Sivani Mouthwash Vs Bacteria MH
Islam, Niloy Solar Food Cooker EN
Kidder, Maximillian Does Gum Make Humans Smarter? Beh
Petelka, Leland Testing The Effects of Fertilizers on Eutrophication Pla
Foley II, Mit The Effects of Fertilizer on Arugula Plants Pla
Malewar, Tanvi Water Quality CH
Ravichandran, Sathvika What Is The Effects of Moisturizers On "Skin"? MH
Phatra, Anmol Do Colors Affect Blood Pressure Beh
Doad, Shaanbir pH Gone Crazy CH